Vrindavan Farm Natural Pickles

Gaytri, one of ShopHop's favourite vendors is the founder of Vridavan Farm. Her aim is to create awareness about the benefits of leading an organic lifestyle. She lives on the farm and primarily eats only what she grows. Her products are almost as nice as her (yup, she's that nice!)

Vrindavan Farm believes in farming in harmony with nature. All the work – nurture of the land, trees, fruits, & herbs, is by hand – the hands of the Indigenous folk of our community. All their practices work to enrich the land – encouraging species biodiversity, crop rotation, water retention – slowly building toward a self-sustained, bio-diverse and holistic food forest. 

Vrindavan Farms Pickles are made from the freshest of products, using traditonal methods and recipes. Rich in flavour and spice, they deliciously compliment every meal.


By Praveen Menezes