ShopHop is a curated marketplace of the finest natural, artisanal and homegrown brands from across India. We pride ourselves in sourcing the most innovative brands from homes, kitchens, farms and markets across the country and in showcasing these brands to you.

At the heart of our mission is the desire to build a new community centered on food and wellness. We are providing budding artisans and food entrepreneurs across the country with a holistic platform to showcase their talents and products and customers with an entirely new discovery based experience.


Every marketplace needs an identity- a set of defining characteristics that bind the community together and allow customers to understand what it stands for. At ShopHop – we like to define ourselves and our brands as 'natural, artisanal, homegrown'. What exactly does this mean?

Natural: all our products are organic, sustainably produced or made entirely of natural ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives often found in mass-produced brands

Artisanal: handpicked by ShopHop's sourcing team – our brands offer funky twists on traditional recipes, span across an array of ethnic & gourmet foods or are made with unique (sometimes patented!) methods of production

Homegrown: sourced from budding chefs and entrepreneurs across kitchens and farms across the country and often made farm fresh here on Indian soil.

Platform for Visibility & Growth –
What We Do for our Partners (Entrepreneurs)

  • Brand Centric Display -Dedicated brand pages & profiles including brand stories, entrepreneur profiles, intro videos & nutritional benefits/facts.
  • ShopHop Spotlights - Free marketing and promotion through social-media.
  • Physical Showcasing - At events and exhibitions such as Farmer’s Markets, Lil Flea, etc.
  • Taste Case (Sampling Boxes) – Allow for customers to sample the products from the comfort of their homes increasing outreach awareness and using trials to induce sales.
  • Logistics – Product pick-ups & PAN-India delivery.
  • Feedback - Detailed product feedback and reviews from critics, bloggers & customers (on request) to help food entrepreneurs understand their product reception better
  • Bulk Orders - Help vendors obtain largescale orders as we cater, provide offline orders and personalised gifting options. To know more please click here.
  • Other - Branding assistance & guidance and help with FSSAI approvals.

Food Discovery – What’s in It for Customers?

  • One Stop Shop For Food Discovery - A first of its kind - brand centric ‘food & wellness’ discovery platform to browse through brands and learn about their stories.
  • Awareness - Selection of unique and novel brands for you to learn about and share socially.
  • Curation Baskets- Explore customers, critics and bloggers’ favorite products and why they love them. It is food procrastination like you’ve never experience before.
  • Customized Recommendations – based on your purchase decisions & data analytics - allow for sampling based on taste, preferences and nutritional goals catered to you
  • Food Benefits - Wellness information and benefits per product for you to feel great about what you’re eating
  • Gifting & Interaction - Incentivized gifting & discovery sharing culture for you
  • Catering & Gifting - From Event Snacking to Wedding & Personalised gifting we'll help you meet all your catering and gifting needs. To know more please click here.

Jobs once said consumers don't know what they want until they experience it. ShopHop is here to showcase the things we know you'll love.