Abs of Steel

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Total Individual Price: Rs. 60 + 38 + 120 + 158 = 376

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Bundle Price : Rs. 338.00

The Ultimate WorkOut Combo

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This Bundle Includes

Protein Station Snack Me! (White Chocolate Cranberry)
Weight, Volume: 45 gms

Price : Rs. 60.00

Epigamia Strawberry Yogurt
Weight, Volume: 90 gms

Price : Rs. 38.00

True Elements Spicy Sunflower Seeds Roasted Chili Garlic, 125gm
Weight, Volume: 125 gms

Price : Rs. 120.00

Dip Box Peri Peri Hummus
Weight, Volume: 200 gms

Price : Rs. 158.00

The most power packed protein meal for your workout - all together now. Protein bars, a delicious ready-to-eat salad, high-protein seeds and a low fat yogurt to top it all off. (Eye of the Tiger plays in the background).

This Bundle Includes: 

- Protein Station Snack Me! (White Chocolate Cranberry) which crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, which will provide you with high nutrition 

Ready to Eat Salad which is a must after an intense workout! 

Harippa Roasted Spicy Sunflower Seeds (Chilli Garlic) aids in the digestive system and is rich source of essential fatty acids.

- Epigamia Strawberry Yogurt will provide you with high protein and is filled with the goodness of strwberries - what more can you ask for?

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By Praveen Menezes