Alkalen Premium Enhanced Water

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Premium Enhanced Alkaline Water

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A premium enhanced alkaline water with a pH value up to 9.5 which helps in faster hydration and supports a healthy and active lifestyle by effectively reducing the acid levels in the body. It is certainly undisputed that the acid-alkaline balance of our body is essential for a healthy living. Because of the millennial diet that we follow the acid-alkaline balance tends to the acid side with a lot of people.

Consuming an acidic diet over a period of time will eventually cause chronic metabolic diseases and related health complaints because disease and illness thrive in an acidic internal environment. With Alkalen you can restore the acid-alkaline balance in a natural manner as it restores the self-healing capacity of the body. As a result of which many complaints can diminish and ultimately disappear.


  • 5 out of 5

    By vamos.17 on 6th August 2017 Product Purchased

    The adventurous foodie in me chanced upon this website and I have already expressed my love for their amazing catalogue and easy to use user interface in another review. I love trying new brands of water, not only does the packaging have to be on point , but the water has to take the responsibility of maintaining the 7.5 and above PH level as well. All our health problems start with two lapses in our bodily function- a) lowered PH balance which makes the body more acidic and retains more carbon dioxide and b) the lack of absorption and distribution of glucose which leads to Diabetes, Alzheimer's etc. My favourite waters are those that are bottled at source like Evian and Qua. Not only is the water feather light but the packaging is perfectly suited to my taste as well. Alkalen caught my eye despite it being enhanced in a factory because it was socially responsible and had a PH upto 9.5 which is great! The earthy green packaging is refreshing too because usually mineral water companies go for the typical blue for water (very original ! #not ) Many new water brands promote their water by tying up with hotels and corporates, so Alkalen could try that because it is priced exactly like Himalayan and Qua. I really enjoyed the water, given i had chilled it in the fridge before toting it to my workout class. Thanks for reading!
  • 4 out of 5

    By peppy peps on 6th October 2017

    Water just got more amazing and healthy,if that's possible
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