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Luxury Indulgence

Luxury Hamper

Rs. 4599.00  

Coffee Lovers Delight

Premium Hamper

Rs. 3699.00  

Blissful Breakfast

Premium Hamper

Rs. 2799.00  

Tea Lovers Collection

Luxury Hamper

Rs. 2199.00  

Healthy Treats

Premium Hamper

Rs. 1799.00  

Gourmet Nibbles

Premium Hamper

Rs. 1599.00  

Nutty Delights

Deluxe Hamper

Rs. 999.00  

Chocolate Indulgence

Deluxe Hamper

Rs. 999.00  

Artisanal Munchies

Deluxe Hamper

Rs. 999.00  

Raksha Bandhan Luxury Hamper

The Ultimate Gift

Rs. 2860.00  

Snack Attack Hamper

Snack Hamper

Rs. 1063.00  

Mixed Delights

Special Rakhi Surprise

Rs. 700.00  

Refreshing Wellness Hamper

Spa Treatment at home

Rs. 1360.00  

Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges

Rs. 800.00  

Butters N Jams

Butters N Jams

Rs. 932.00      10 %    Rs. 1035.00

Party Bundle

Party Bundle

Rs. 2000.00  

Gifting Charges

Shophop Gifting

Rs. 300.00  

ShopHop's Luxury Healthy Holiday Hamper!

Healthy & Gourmet Snack Foods

Rs. 2000.00  

ShopHop's Premium Healthy Holiday Hamper!

Special Gift With Gourmet Food

Rs. 1500.00  

ShopHop's Healthy Holiday Hamper!

Gift Basket With Healthy Snacks

Rs. 650.00  

Taste Case June 2017 Box

Gourmet Food Box Subscription

Rs. 750.00  

Taste Case May 2017 Box

Gourmet Food Box Subscription

Rs. 750.00  

The Ultimate Meal

The Meal That's The Real Deal

Rs. 598.00      10 %    Rs. 664.00

Home Spa

The Ultimate Relaxation Combo

Rs. 860.00      10 %    Rs. 955.00

Chip N Dip

The Perfect Combo For Binge-Watching

Rs. 879.00      10 %    Rs. 977.00

Abs of Steel

The Ultimate WorkOut Combo

Rs. 240.00      10 %    Rs. 267.00

High Tea

Tea Time With The Mad Hatter

Rs. 1080.00      10 %    Rs. 1200.00

Breakfast of Champions

Usain Bolt's Favoured Brekkers

Rs. 618.00      10 %    Rs. 687.00

Taste Case August 2017 Box

Sampling Subscription Box

Rs. 750.00  

ShopHop's Super Sister Gift Hamper

Raksha Bandhan Hampers

Rs. 2000.00      9.09 %    Rs. 2200.00

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