Vrindavan Desi Cow Products

Vrindavan Desi Cow Products

By Mr. Hiro Harjani


Handchurned Vedic Ghee

Rs. 2400.00  

Milk and Honey Cookies

Goodness of Pure A2 Milk

Rs. 250.00  

Pure Ghee Cookies

Goodness of Pure Ghee

Rs. 260.00  

Panchagavya Body Wash

Deep Moisturizing Body Wash

Rs. 300.00  

Panchagavya Face Wash

Skin Refresher

Rs. 300.00  

Panchagavya Hair Conditioner

Deep hydrating conditioner

Rs. 450.00  

Panchagavya Sunscreen Lotion

SPF 30 Sun Protection

Rs. 350.00  

Panchagavya Body Lotion


Rs. 280.00  

Panchagavya Cleansing Milk

Gentle skin Cleanser

Rs. 290.00  

Panchagavya Tearless Shampoo

Mild shampoo

Rs. 290.00  

Panchagavya Creamy Shampoo

Deep Nourishing Shampoo

Rs. 380.00  

Panchagavya Lip Balm

Soft and smooth

Rs. 100.00  

Panchagavya Hair Mask

Deep Nourishment

Rs. 270.00  

Panchagavya Bathing Bar

Exfoliating bar

Rs. 110.00  

Panchagavya Handmade Soap

Deep Nourishment

Rs. 120.00  

Panchagvya Face Pack

Skin Tightening

Rs. 230.00  

Panchagavya Creamy Scrub


Rs. 230.00  

Panchagavya Moisturizing Cream

Daily Skin Care

Rs. 220.00  

Shatadhauta Ghrita

Body Butter

Rs. 380.00  

Panchagavya Ghrita

Nasal Drops

Rs. 230.00  

Gomutra Arka

Body Purifier

Rs. 130.00  

Snan Utane

Complete Bath

Rs. 120.00  

Siddha Tel

Head & Body Massage Oil

Rs. 340.00  

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