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Got the dopest event all set up but stuck with nothing to serve? Have the perfect recipes but not the best ingredients? Your office pantry snacks adding numbers to your waistline? You my friend have come to the right place! ShopHop is here to make sure that event is poppin’, that recipe is made with the freshest of ingredients and that your waistline doesn’t bear the brunt of your mid-work munchies. ShopHop provides tasty treats, farm fresh ingredients and healthy snacking for any event, restaurant or office.

Event Snacking

ShopHop provides healthy snack options for a Plethora of events ranging from corporate conferences to baby showers. Our variety of snacking options allow you to perfectly pick the snacks for your event making sure your guests don’t go hungry and the food is as per the theme of the event.

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Farm Fresh Ingredients

Great dishes are only as good as the ingredients used to make them. We at ShopHop help provide restaurants and cafes with the freshest of ingredients making sure every meal is a treat for the taste buds.

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Corporate Snacking

Wanna know how everyone at ShopHop has a six pack*? The secret to our success is that our meals between meals are healthy snacks. Yes, finishing our own stock is a problem but hey what can you do when it tastes so good and you don’t even feel guilty after? Our corporate snacking makes sure your office pantry is one that you’ll love without worrying about your weight!

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We’re thrilled to help you with your catering needs or bulk order.

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