DesiVidesi Masala BeetRoot Chips

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From Bombay to Bareilly, everyone loves a good Beet! Say hello to Beta Vulgaris (yup, that’s what she’s called “scientifically”).  Our Sundar-susheel veggie from down under, who are loaded with minerals and vitamins that keep immunity high and cholesterol at bay. Spiced with our Maharaj’s secret masala mix, you can’t resist licking your fingertips! 

  • 5 out of 5

    By Priyanka govekar on 4th July 2017 Product Purchased

    Snack is love for a food lover. This one is a treat. No oil , not fried, no preservatives, not even baked just dried beetroot chips. Totally healthy snack.
  • 4 out of 5

    By vamos.17 on 6th August 2017 Product Purchased

    I did not buy the product with the intention of buying a healthy product that was just a bonus. I bought it because I love beetroot and I love trying new things. The packaging and crispness were perfect. Maybe its just my taste buds that are used to little to no salt, but I found it too salty, equivalent to the Lays Classic Chips product. Other than that, cant complain. This site is amazing and I love the attention to detail with which each of the products are curated. New brands , attention given to packaging like abroad, and a simple to use interface are an added +.
    If the manufacturer reads reviews I would also like to point out, that no one made money by selling whales they did that by selling shrimp, which basically translates to - you have to appeal to the sensibilities of the common man and be in their kitchen cabinet for profit making in this giant population. In todays time you can barely find anything that is not junk for 20 bucks, so for the common man to switch to less fatty /artery blocking food/snacks he has to be lured in by a good deal so 20 bucks for 15 grams does not make sense . If there is a little more product say 20 grams for 20 bucks or even 10 grams for 10 bucks it makes more sense. Because its nice to see the middle class in the gourmet section of Spencers and having a cup of coffee at upscale cafes and 5 star hotels. Free samples(at first) from companies in Corporate pantries will also encourage people to try healthier snacks given the 9-5 job is usually a desk job with the occasional bowel movement! I dont know the business model of this company but with digital integration and changing mindsets across all classes,the goal should be more inclusive than exclusive. After all this is food and not Chanel. Thanks for reading !
  • 4 out of 5

    By peppy peps on 6th October 2017

    It's as real as it gets oil,fry,preservatives or other nasty stuff.But it's not for everyone,if u r a beetroot lover,just go for it.if u are a person who looks forward to unique tastes like me,go for it.
  • 4 out of 5

    By hima varsha on 14th November 2017

    Healthy and natural
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