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Foodie Points are ShopHop’s way to reward you for your loyalty and being an all-round great foodie.

Foodie Points

By interacting with us, making purchases on ShopHop and helping food entrepreneurs grow– you can earn points that can be later redeemed for money.

For every 50 Foodie Points you get 1 Rupee that can be redeemed at any point for your future purchases.

Here’s how you can earn foodie points:

Register on ShopHop: Join the family and earn 500 Foodie Points.

Buy or Subscribe for a Taste Case

Taste Case is your way to indulge in food discovery every month. On the first Sunday of every month – ShopHop curated 4 new brands for you to try samples of. Try exciting new brands and learn the stories of the food makers behind them. Earn 500 Foodie Points for every Taste Case purchase. 1,000 Points for a 3 month subscription & 3,000 Points for a 6 month subscription.

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Write a Review

Write product reviews for your purchases and earn 500 Foodie Points on every review to earn points! Remember, you need to be logged in to leave a Review.

Leave a Review

Follow a Brand for Updates: And receive live updates from food entrepreneurs on new products, events and more. Earn 1,000 Foodie Points for every brand you follow!


There’s nothing we like more than to be the messenger of joy when you gift your friends ShopHop products. For every purchase that is a gift – you earn 2,000 Foodie Points! Check out our curated gifting hampers and more!

Customized Gifting & Catering with ShopHop

Let ShopHop serve as the gifting or catering partner for your event, marriage or corporate event and earn upto 10,000 Foodie Points!

Refer Friends: Make that introduction to ShopHop and both you and your friend earn 1,000 Foodie Points on registration with the referral link!

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Make Purchases: Did you think we forgot this? You earn 30% of your order value in foodie points every time you make purchases on ShopHop! That’s 300 Foodie Points for every Rs. 1,000 purchase.