Juicifix Cleanse (6 Juice)

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The Juicifix Cleanse (6 Juice Pack) is a pack of 6 yummy fruit and vegetable (4 each) cold-pressed juices. Each bottle is numbered 1 to 6 and must be consumed in that order, each every 2 hours. Made from a healthy blend of nutrients and vitamins that revitalises the body and mind. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and green tea is recommended along with your cleanse. One cannot cosume tea, coffee, alcohol or smoke during the course of the cleanse. Size per bottle - 275 ml.

What does the cleanse do?

  • Detoxifies.
  • Gives you glowing skin.
  • Makes you healthy.
  • Energises you.
  • Gets you fit.
  • Makes you feel lighter.

It is the perfect way to help you get into that stunning dress and make your ex have second thoughts on his wedding day!

Please Note: For Juicifix products there is NO Cash-on-Delivery facility. All Payments must be done online. Juicifix is only available in Mumbai.

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By Praveen Menezes