NuttyYogi Ayurvedic Digestive Salt

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Remember that heaviness in the tummy after dinner. That’s right – flatulence can put on quite the show. You got to use this amazing Nutty Yogi digestive salt. It is freshly Made from ground ajwain, roasted jeera and saunf along with sun-dried ginger. Versatile with fruits and meals alike, helps keep the belly gases well-regulated and even aids digestion.

Made from Ayurvedic Principles. Simple Home made recipe



Used to garnish salads. Add to your daily soups, chutneys, yoghurt and pickles. Also used extensively in chat times. It can be used to prepare the classic Indian drink Jal-Jeera!



Sendha Namak, Jeera, Ajwain, Elaichi, Black Pepper, GInger Powder, Sauf.


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By Praveen Menezes