NuttyYogi Barley Grass Powder

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This Nutty Yogi Barley Grass Powder is made from the young shoots of the barley plant. When cut, it is a reservoir of minerals as well as being rich in vitamin E and proteins. It also helps in the protection of body cells from oxidative stress. Just one serving of Barley Grass, has more than a third of your recommended intake of iron which supports red blood cell formation and oxygen transport around the body. Enjoy Nutty Yogi's  Barley Grass as a part of leading a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.



The Nutty Yogi Barley Grass Powder  blends smoothly into variety of drinks or can be added to cold or hot cereals, yogurt and salad dressings . 



100% Pure and Natural Barley Grass Powder


Nutritional Analysis ( as per 100 gm )

Fat 0.14 gm
Carbohydrates 2.04 gm
Dietary Fiber 1.16 gm
Protein 0.29 gm
Vitamin C 3.20 mg
Calcium 8.75 gm
Iron 0.52 mg
Sodium 4.37 mg

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By Praveen Menezes