Quinoa Puffs - Fiery Spice

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Quinoa Puffs - Fiery Spice (Canister)

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Spice up your taste buds with a delectable mix of fiery spice seasoning and nutritious grains like Quinoa, Amaranth, Ragi, Soy and Maize. Hot & spicy, tasty and healthy! Quinoa Puffs are roasted delicious puffs made of various super grains likes Quinoa, Ragi, Soya, Amaranth and Maize which are highly rich in proteins, fibre, B Vitamins, and Antioxidants. To top it up, a twist of spices is added. The new flavour is our take on the Indian Masala flavour with the right balance of spiciness and tanginess. The puffs are gluten-free, has no added preservatives and no MSG. Enjoy the numerous health benefits of the Quinoa that contains all the essential amino acids. It is gluten free, cholesterol free and is roasted. It is a good source of protein and contains no added preservatives. Fiery Spice is a secret blend of chillies and condiments that create a mouth-watering, kick for your taste buds.

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By Praveen Menezes