Second Nature Guava + Agave + Chili Smoothies

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Rich Antioxidant Juice

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Packed with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, this nectar is a skin tonic and an immunity booster. The fibre in Guava is a plus for weight-watchers.

Vitamin C is widely known for its contribution to the immune system of the body and its stimulation of white blood cells. Vitamin C also helps to repair wounds and it boosts the immune system of our body, thus helping to protect us from colds and coughs. 

The high soluble fibre in Guava dissolves to create a gel that may improve digestion in a number of ways apart from the reduction of blood cholesterol and sugar. The insoluble fibre aids the gut by enhancing bowel health and regularity. It also supports insulin sensitivity and like soluble fibre, may help reduce your risk for diabetes.

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By Praveen Menezes