Shuddhi Holy Oil Therapy

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Holy Oil Therapy

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Shuddhi Holy Oil purifies to heal almost anything you intend healing with it. It makes healing just a touch away.

Infused with the Divine energies of the “God of Healing”, essence of rare rudraksha beads, holy bael, camphor, and cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, Shuddhi Holy Oil cleanses and purifies thereby providing immediate and effective healing for all kinds of aches, joint, nerve & muscular pains, stress, fatigue, cuts & wounds, arthritis, cold, congestion, sinusitis, migraine, etc. Shuddhi Holy Oil rejuvenates the cells of the body making you feel healthy and divine.

Shuddhi Holy Oil Created at Shiva's Abode is based on the  five  Shudhha  Tattvas (Actinic or Pure Spiritual Energy) in Shaivism. When you are spiritual energy is converted into physical matter,it has the power to perform alchemy. Shuddhi Holy Oil is an alchemical breakthrough for a healthy body. 

The sacred space where Shuddhi Holy Oil is prepared is energised 24x7 by the potency of powerful chants, which multiply the healing and curative properties of all the ingredients by manifold.

Instructions for use:

    • Apply Shuddhi Holy Oil all over on face & body before sleeping to feel healthy and rejuvenated
    • Massage Shuddhi Holy Oil on the affected area(s) twice daily for 5-10 minutes, etc.
    • Massage Shuddhi Holy Oil on the head before sleeping to heal insomnia, migraine, stress, fatigue, and to enjoy a peacful sleep.
    • Rub Shuddhi Holy Oil between your palms. Cup the nose with the palms and inhale deeply a few times. The fumes from Shuddhi Holy Oil will give instant relief from cold, nasal, and chest congestion.
    • Massage Shuddhi Holy Oil between the chest (food pipe) and stomach area to get immediate relief from gas and acidity.
    • For menstrual cramps, apply hot Shuddhi Holy Oil in the naval, abdomen and lower back for instant relief.


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By Praveen Menezes