Every month - ShopHop curates four amazing new brands for you to taste and enjoy. Sourced from entrepreneurs across the country, each of these brands is natural, artisanal or homegrown - giving you a fresh new culinary experience.

Discover Delectable Delights

With an assortment of goodies spanning across snacks, quick bites, desserts, teas, coffees and more, each Taste Case takes your taste buds on a whole new adventure.

The ShopHop team carefully curates four brands for you to experience on the first Sunday of every month. Share your Taste Case with family and gift it to friends to spread the joy!

Learn About the Entrepreneurs behind the Food

Uncover the stories of the incredible food entrepreneurs behind the brands on Taste Case. Learn about what inspired them, the nutritional benefits of their products and the other goodies you can buy from them.

What customers have to say

I have been waiting for a product like taste case. For someone like me who likes to explore new products that are artisanal/healthy - taste case is convenient, very reasonable and exciting.

Sunaina Basu (23, Bombay)

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and uniqueness of the products I received. The packaging felt very premium

Yawar Yunus (80, Bombay)

As a housewife making the food purchases at home, this is a great way for me to find new brands and feed my demanding boys.

Devi Jadia (48, Bombay)

What Partner Entrepreneurs have to say

Our biggest challenge so far as an upcoming brand has been to induce trial, we believe Taste Case will help us reach the homes of our potential customers and get them to try our product

Rashi founder of Gardner Street

“Wonderful initiative by ShopHop it will really help growing brands like mine increase our market reach and tap into new audiences”

Gayatri founder of Saucery

ShopHop has broken this gap offering products from carefully handpicked brands to these people in need! And they have also helped brands such as us to be known across the country! With great service & attention to detail, our partnership has grown stronger

Monica, founder of Flat Tummies

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