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Eucalyptus honey like its plant has high medicinal value. It is considered to be very effective against a normal cough, cold and throat infection. Nectar collected by the Honeybees from this tree has a compound called Eucalyptol which forms part of this Honey. Regular consumption of this Honey can do wonders with your health. Although this may be a boon for your body and has a very strong flavor which some people may not like.

Benefits – Apart from other innumerable benefits of honey this honey is considered very effective for a cough and cold. It is very good natural option to fight a cough and cold. Regular consumption strengthens immunity against these diseases.



Why prefer Raw honey over Processed one?

Natural Honey contains many useful probiotic enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. When honey is heated in the process of filtering it, many of these enzymes and vitamins are destroyed and Honey turns into just another sugary syrup. Moreover, if honey is heated over a particular temperature it may also turn poisonous.  So its always is best to consume Raw Honey as intended by Nature.

THE HONEY SHOP brings to you honey straight from the hive, unheated, unprocessed, unpasteurized so that its probiotic enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins remain intact and you get the real benefits of Honey.


We take pride in saying that

1) No Honey Bees are harmed in our Honey collection process.

2) We have evolved a commercially sustainable model for tribal honey foragers by giving them proper training to collect honey in a hygienic manner, without harming the bees, and by giving them reasonable remuneration for their hard work and honesty.


What makes our honey Special?

We have very high standards for our honey collection. It's our endeavor to deliver not just pure honey but best quality honey. Following factors are monitored before approving each batch of honey–

-          It's Pollen Content.

-          It should be antibiotic Free

-          It should be completely ripe and its moisture content should be less than 20%


-          The fields from where the bees collect nectar are free from any artificial sprays and pesticides.

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By Praveen Menezes