True Elements Roasted Quinoa Mix Spicy Masala, 100gm (Pack of 5)

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  • Rich source of protein.

  • Loaded with fibre.

  • Has a low glycaemic index.

  • Rich in antioxidants.

  • Consists all essential amino acids.


Product Description: While you can certainly consume Quinoa in replacement to rice, there are people out there still craving for their last minute spicy crunchy delight, in between hectic work hours or while travelling. In between the healthy lifestyle compromises, it becomes quite difficult to give up your spicy cravings along with maintaining your health. But we surely do have a backup option of this snack to delight your taste buds, making sure to not give up on your health needs.


True Elements Roasted Quinoa Mix comes with a mixture of natural elements in it, packed with protein, fibre and other vital nutrients required daily for the overall functioning of the body. Combined with whole grains and spices, this small pack can be your on-the-go snack partner, which will fill you up and not hinder with your health, thanks to the superfood and nutritious quinoa in it.

How can Roasted Quinoa Mix be beneficial for your health?

  • Bored of eating bland quinoa? Add some spice to your taste buds by consuming this: This power-packed snack consists all of your cravings in one. Quinoa is extremely rich in fibre, which fills up your stomach, and satiates your hunger pangs, thus contributing to maintain your waistline.

  • Looking out tasty options for your post-workout snack? This snack can be your rescue: After a tough workout, when you are in need of a power-boosting and energising snack, this can work best for you. Loaded with protein, it can be just the right choice of ingredients to boost your energy and build up your muscles. It also consists of cranberries which are highly rich in antioxidants, thus keeping you safe from any health hazard caused due to free radicals.

  • Are you into a completely whole grain diet? Consume this: The ingredients in this pack are 100% natural and consists of whole grains, thus completing your daily intake of nutrients with just a bowl of this nutritious snack.

  • Looking for a diabetic-friendly snack? You have come to the right place: Quinoa is a superfood with low glycaemic index, which helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and maintains the insulin levels in your body.

  • Craving for a spicy snack while staying healthy? This is the perfect choice: Being touted as a superfood, quinoa is highly beneficial in controlling your appetite, lowering cholesterol and staying energetic and healthy throughout. Plus, when mixed with the right amount of spices and ingredients, it can be your sudden on-the-go spicy snack pack for you.


Ingredients: Unpolished Whole Wheat Flakes, Quinoa Puff, Bhujia (Jowar, Cowpea, Bajra, Maize & Mix Pulses), Rolled Oats, Seasoning, Soyanut, Spicy Pumpkin, Oil, Dried Cranberries, Salt, Natural Soy Lecithin.


No artificial colours, flavour and preservatives.


How to Use: True Elements Roasted Quinoa Mix can be consumed directly as a mid-meal snack or sprinkled over breakfast cereals. You can also add it to salads or sprinkle it over poha, upma, etc. to give a crunchy delight to your food.


Storage Information: Store it in an airtight container after opening in a cool, dry and dark place away from direct sunlight and moisture.


Allergen Information: Contains Gluten & Soy. Packed in a facility that also handles Tree Nuts.


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