True Elements Roasted Watermelon Seeds

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Natural & Healthy Edible Seeds

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The roasted watermelon seeds are a nutritious, crunchy snack better than your regular calorie-laden memories. These seeds are a perfect snack, roasted to perfection. These seeds are 100% pure and roasted with no additives. They are unexpectedly delicious. They are crispy in texture and have a slightly salty flavour.

How can Roasted Watermelon Seeds improve your health?

  • Feeling a little fatigued? Snack on this seeds: It contains more calories than brown rice. It gives you a quick energy boost. It also contains protein which helps improve your workout performance.
  • Trying to protect your ticker? Kick these seeds to curb: It contains several amino acids like arginine which helps in regulating the blood pressure.They are a good source of magnesium which is vital for normal functioning of the heart and helps to maintain ideal blood pressure. It also contains fibre which helps maintain blood lipid levels and reduce the risk of heart problems. It is beneficial in treating various cardiovascular diseases.
  • Trying to have a baby? Have it to improve male fertility: These seeds contain lycopene which improves male fertility and increases sperm count. It also helps improve your sexual performance.
  • Eat to stay beautiful: Protein helps maintain healthy nails and hairs.The antioxidants in this seeds nourish the skin and keep the signs of ageing like wrinkles away from your skin.Copper improves the texture of your hair. Healthy fats moisturize your skin and hair, prevents dry skin and scaly hair.



  • 5 out of 5

    By Priyanka govekar on 5th June 2017

    I use them in biscuits or cake making. ❤
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