True Elements Spicy Sunflower Seeds Roasted Chili Garlic, 125gm

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Bored of having bland sunflower seeds? Have sunflower seeds with a kick.

True Elements Spicy Sunflower seeds are an upgrade to your favourite sunflower seeds. 100% Natural seeds are roasted with a mixture of chilli, pepper and garlic to curate a smart yet satisfying snack. Inspired with what the earlier civilization used to eat, our True Elements snacks combine the heritage of ancient civilizations and the taste of today a unique blend of ancient bites and modern taste. They are packed in pyramid-shaped packaging and the bright yellow colour denotes a joy of fiery blast.

Flavour: Your boring sunflower seeds just got perked. Our True Elements Spicy Sunflower seeds include seeds roasted in a fiery spice mixture. These are just not spicy, they have an irresistible taste that guarantees to give your tongue a little zing.


Health Benefits of Spicy Sunflower Seeds:

  • Bored of having a bland weight loss diet? Have this product as a snack: Lot of healthy foods you include in our diet are not tasty. So you end up breaking your diet. They are tasty diet snack. They are rich in fiber which promotes satiety and reduces your overall calorie intake. Healthy fats also help manage weight.
  • Stronger bones with tastier food: Minerals promote bone health. Vitamin E helps calm arthritis and joint pain. It also improves bone flexibility and keeps your muscle relaxed.
  • Stay happy with good food: Delicious food always makes us happy. On top of that, these seeds are packed with magnesium which soothes the nerves, reduces stress and supports healthy mood. It reduces chronic fatigue and improves your mood. Tryptophan also aids in reducing stress.
  • Are you getting enough nutrients for your brain? If not, snack on spicy seeds: Minerals in it promotes brain health. It also reduces chronic fatigue and reduces the strain.

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By Praveen Menezes