Vrindavan Farm Banana Frangipani Kombucha

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Banana Frangipani Flavour

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This ancient drink dates back to BC, drunk by the Chinese as the "remedy of immortality" and traveling thereafter to Japan, Russia, Europe, India, and eventually, the globe. This living drink is known to stimulate the metabolism, maintain a healthy immune system, is good for the gut, replenish vital oganic acids and enzymes, and detoxify.  


We've got a host of flavours, try them all in our Kombucha 5 pack. 




Peppermint, marigold, mango ginger

Sabza seed

Banana, frangipani


Hot tip: Leave it in a dark shelf in your kitchen counter if you would like it to further ferment (for upto 1 week). Refrigerate it thereafter. 

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By Praveen Menezes