Vrindavan Farm Frangipani

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Natural Herbal Tea

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Cool down with this honey-sweet flower tea

THE TEA  These caffeine-free teas are a great way to earn your antioxidants, minerals, & nutrients. Herbs are handpicked to deliver wholesome & multilayered flavours. 

TO PREPARE  Bring water to a rolling boil & remove from heat. Crush and add herbs (qty. per label), cover & steep for at least 10 minutes. Add honey if desired. 

ICED-TEA  For a cool summer's drink, double the herb per cup ratio, cover & steep for several hours, strain into a glass bottle, mix in honey if desired, refrigerate. Serve on ice with a splash of lime. 


THE WORK  Vrindavan Farm combines ancient indigenous wisdom, biodynamism, & indicators from the ecosys; working slow, deliberate, & completely by hand. 

Small Jar: 30 cups. Large Jar: 60 cups.

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By Praveen Menezes