Vrindavan Farm Organic Mango - Hapus

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Vrindavan Farm Organic Mango - Alphonso

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Nervous? You should be :p

Organic, locally grown, farm fresh, tree ripened. 

Our mangoes will remind you of those you enjoyed as a kid – They didn’t look perfect, or all look the same; They taste like mango should. 

Our fruit  is naturally grown, attains full flavour on the tree & is then ripened by us, in straw.  Allowing this natural process gives you the full and long-lasting flavour we once associated mangoes with... compare a slow brewed chai with the instant dip stuff... and you’ll know what we're speaking about. 

You will have to unlearn what the market has brainwashed us into believing though... mangoes actually come in all shapes, sizes, colours, with spots and irregularities. Nature’s perfection is in its uniqueness.  

Variety We offer Alphonso, Kesar, Totapuri, Batli, Sindhu, Rajapuri, Dasseri, as the trees give us the go! Try them all in our Surprise Me box.

Ripe? Do not go by colour – it’s different by mango & weather. The classic signs are oozing scents of mango, or tenderness when slightly pressed. 

Try If you enjoyed our mango, ask us about our fruit preserves, jams, herbal infusions, & brines.

Our Gig Farming in harmony with Nature. All our work is done by hand, the hands of the Indigenous folk of our community & us. We specialize in fruits & herbs. 

Note: We do not sort mangoes based on size, it's a bit hurtful to the mango to "feel small". If you end up with a small sized batch, you can be sure your box will have more pieces than you'd ordered, ensuring that the overall mango you dig in to remains unchanged. 

Benefits of eating Hapus Mango ( Alphonso ) - Hapus Mango is called the King of Fruits as it has great health benefits - 

Prevents anemia
Support fetus development
Fights cancer
Strengthens digestion system
Prevents heart disease
Cleanses skin
Maintains Healthy Hair
Regulates body fluid
Relieves kidney problem
Reduces fever
Anti-inflammatory property
Improves eye health

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By Praveen Menezes