Whistling Fields Elephant Apple Powder

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Usage: Usually consumed by adding a teaspoon to a glass of warm water everyday.

We bring you this rare and hidden organic super food from the tribal areas of Assam in India. Nature’s all round supplement for your health and wellness.

Q Factor: Elephant Apple or Wood apple is known to be a favorite food of the elephants in Assam. I guess they realize the benefits of this super food as well. Farmed and harvested by a tribal farming community in Assam, this fruit is dried and powdered.

Ingredients: Elephant Apple powder

Health Benefits: Amongst the numerous medicinal and health properties, Elephant apple helps in imroving normal functioning of kidneys and can help in clearing kidney stones,regulate the body temperature, and helps cool down the body. It is also known to have aphrodisiac properties.

Place of Origin: Assam,India

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By Praveen Menezes