Whistling Fields Multi Millet Flakes Pack of 2

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Multi-grain, rustic with dry fruits

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Chef Recommendation

Our Multi Millet Flakes go best with some warm or cold milk and jaggery or honey. Let the flakes mix soak in the milk fo

Multi-grain, rustic, power packed tasty breakfast cereal made from 9 different millets, with the added goodness of Cashews and Dry Fruits.

This our own unique granola style formulation. A lovely blend of puffed millet flakes with cashews and raisins to get you started for a power packed day.

Ingredients: Red Rice Flakes, While Cholam Flakes, Pearl Millet Flakes, Ragi Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Chemba Rice Flakes, Kaatiyanam Flakes, Poongar Rice Flakes and Kodo Millet Flakes, and Cashew.

Benefits: Rich in fibre, minerals, low carb, high energy breakfast cereal to start your power packed day. Added Cashews and Raisins help in providing iron, calcium and other nutrients.

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By Praveen Menezes